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2-day course for Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel – Powerful Data Management and Reporting for Human Resources. Learn how to effectively prepare your HR reports using Microsoft Excel using data downloaded from systems

 Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit – Code CRS-N-0027576

  About the course

Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel – Based on Excel 2007/10, Powerful Data Management and Reporting for Human Resources

Do you prepare your HR reports using Microsoft Excel using data downloaded from systems? How would you like to eliminate the following key problems:

  • How to profile employees using Pivot Table, Age formula?
  • How to compare last month report with current month report using VLOOKUP and conditional formatting?
  • How to monitor training cost spending against training budgets using formulas?

  Who should attend

Human Resources Managers and Executives who have to regularly prepare reports related to employees leave, training, payroll, etc , using data downloaded from systems. They are required to know how to format cells, auto-filter, sort, create a simple template and enter simple formulas (e.g. SUM) into the worksheet.

  What you’ll learn

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare HR reports in double quick time and respond to business needs with relevance.
  • Transform data from standard HR systems into meaningful and robust reports for management.


  • How to effectively calculate overtime hours using Excel
  • Track expiry of work permits and passports using conditional formatting
  • Identify the oldest employees at a glance using conditional formatting
  • How to profile employees using Pivot Table, Age formula
  • How to monitor training cost spending against training budgets using formulas
  • Monitor training hours clocked by employees, job grade, department, etc
  • Create a job application form and capture the details to facilitate screening of job applicants using Excel forms
  • Compare last month report with current month report using VLOOKUP and conditional formatting
  • How to swop first name and last name and vice versa
  • Combine first and last names into one cell
  • Display the zeros in front of employee IDs


” The “creating of form” can be applied on some of my existing forms like External Training App Form and Employee Updates Form that was previously in MS word version which was difficult to input. With excel, input of data is much easier and neater and furthermore I am able to link the data to a master file for easy consolidation. Also the Vlookup function was very useful in a sense that searching of required filed is just at the click of a button. The pivot table is also proven useful in some of my reporting, eg payroll and bonus reporting for the whole organisation. The MS query help to reduce time spend on reporting of my salary reporting to the various HOD. Last but not least, the F5 special function improve my productivity to 100% by deleting the pictures/objects in the MOM WP Form. Previously I have to delete one by one for 10 over times for just one single row. “

–  Karen Sim


” At first I have no confidential of using VLook function as I pick up the tips from my colleagues.  Jason used a very good example to explain the formula.  He used the shopping concept to explain the VLook function which is very close to all ladies’ heart.  We will definitely remember the how the formula is formed and will not forget easily.  Thanks Jason. “

–  Ng Bee Leng


” Trainer, Mr Jason covers all the topics in details and very clear.  He really explained to us till we’re very clear before proceed to the next topic. I’ve learnt more about on how to do V Look Up and also find that the Pivot Table will help me alot in my work esp when collating the figures for training.  And also I’m able to generate report and comparison by using the Pivot Table.”

–  Ng Bee Leng

  About Instructor 


Jason Khoo is the author of the Excel books, “Excel Secrets for Highly Effective Marketers” and “Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis with Excel”. When working in Tibs, M1, 3M and Virgin Mobile, he used Excel as his primary work tool to support the sales and marketing, operations, finance and strategic planning departments in data cleaning, analysis, budgeting, forecasting and business modeling.

In 2001, Jason founded Synergyworks which has helped companies like Discovery Asia, NATAS, The Nelson Company, Timberland, etc develop Excel solutions to simplify their work in data management, operations, analysis and reporting. Subsequently, everydayExcel Business Lab Pte Ltd was founded in 2007 to primarily provide tailor-made applied Excel courses for managers, executives and frequent Excel users. Focusing on problem solving and the dynamic use of Excel formulas and functions, some of these courses include:

  • Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010
  • Interactive Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2007/2010
  • Learning the Magic of Macros 2007/2010

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  • $ 600.00
  • 2 Days
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  • 9am to 5pm
  • International Plaza
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