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Yan Academy is the leading marketplace for corporate training, leadership development and professional education in Singapore and across the region. To become a trainer on Yan Academy, you should be qualified, accredited or have enough experience and skills to benefit the career and business of other professionals and organization. You can be a professional trainer, leadership coach, experienced executive, skilled professional, or an Institution.

Next, we’ll look at how to determine which affected employees will need which specific training. Certain training, such as harassment or evacuation, applies to all employees. But training {best marketplace for corporate training|corporate training|corporate training courses|learning and development courses|customized training courses|professional development courses|leadership development courses|professional courses|personal development courses|learning courses} on specific equipment or software applies only to employees who use those tools. It’s important to know who needs what so that you can customize your program accordingly.

Reeves says that this type of outside integration is part of a larger trend in IT departments. More and more CEOs are demanding technology solutions that support external collaboration, according to IBM surveys. Across industries, companies {corporate training courses|corporate training programs|professional courses|leadership and corporate training courses|organization development courses|learning and development courses|corporate training courses marketplace} are shifting from controlled, closed environments to more open environments. It’s no longer feasible to expect a single program or tool to do everything—instead, employees expect multiple applications to work well together in a useful way.{best corporate training courses|top corporate training courses}

Another aspect of our retention and engagement strategy involves providing a robust corporate and technical training program. Our major business units spent $117 million on training employees in 2014, reaching 79,000 non-unique training participants. To maintain our position as a technical leader in the industry, we {training development courses|inhouse training program|train the trainer program|croporate training|corporate trainer} directed 75 percent of our investment toward professional and technical training. Additionally, 4,540 employees at various levels of the company participated in ExxonMobil’s leadership development training programs in 2014, of which 33 percent were women and 58 percent were employees from outside the United States.

To enable employees to take the lead in their career development, NBA provides group training programs on weekends, correspondence education, e-learning, assistance for attending language school, and support for taking the TOEIC or GTEC tests. NBA focuses not only on human skills, such as logical communication, self-understanding and understanding of others, but also practical skills such as finance, accounting, legal, tax and life planning matters, and pension planning.

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