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Corporate Training In Singapore yan academy

We’re changing the world of corporate training in Singapore. We’re The Creative Experience and we know first hand that creativity isn’t just for the arts. Creativity is about innovative thinking…and we’re adding creativity to every corporate training program we design.

Every business, company, organization and team have distinctive conditions and culture which makes most off-the-shelf training programs in-effective. Sourcing for a highly qualified trainer, training program and customize it according to the needs of the business and organization is a task that most company find challenging. Yan Academy provides an easy solution with its large collection of highly qualified corporate trainer and training courses to choose from. {corporate training courses|corporate training programs|professional courses|leadership and corporate training courses|organization development courses|learning and development courses|corporate training courses marketplace} management system to test and deploy their materials. When possible, class assignments will be conducted using trial versions of classroom software so students can continue working away from class.

Increasingly organisations appear to be using corporate education and training as an incentive to retain managers and key employees within their organisation. This win-win arrangement creates better educated managers for the organisation and provides the employees with a more marketable portfolio of skills and, in many cases, recognised qualifications.

This module will deepen your knowledge and understanding of educational research. You’ll learn about traditions of educational research; positivism, interpretism and action research and the strengths and {best marketplace for corporate training|corporate training|corporate training courses|learning and development courses|customized training courses|professional development courses|leadership development courses|professional courses|personal development courses|learning courses} challenges of carrying out research in these traditions. This module will provide you with the opportunity to carry out a piece of research based on a contemporary or work-related issue or problem.{best corporate training courses|top corporate training courses}

Moderators that can lead a team discussion and facilitators that frame and facilitate change processes in groups are a unique skill set that we offer. Our moderators and facilitators are not only intellectually capable; they also have a lot of practical experience in dealing {training development courses|inhouse training program|train the trainer program|croporate training|corporate trainer} with people and group processes. And on top of that they have a lot of empathetic and intuitive capacities to help teams get the best result. The independent external approach and framework is key to achieving clarity thus leading the group dynamic towards a concrete result.

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