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This Emotional Intelligence for Effective Problem Solving course is offered under Content Licensing Package for company to develop their internal training capabilities on the subject

 Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Claimable  


This course is offered under the Content Licensing Package (CLP). CLP is a unique content support to help company deliver their own training using ready made content. Your nominated trainer or staff member will undergo a train-the-trainer workshop and be supported with post workshop coaching sessions to enable him in delivering the training.

  About the course

Problem solving is the biggest task every employee has to undertake in his/her daily course of work. Yet, organisations find that staff generally do not have a logical way to solve problems, which lead to rational decisions.

In this business world, things change so rapidly that assumptions made at a point in time are quickly overrode overrode by new developments. This leads to stakeholder management being a major challenge in almost all problem solving exercises and decisions made.

In this course, participants will learn how to solve problems in a systematic way, yet considering the various dynamic factors and assumptions that impact the decision making process.

  Who should attend

This course is for Company who want to develop their own internal training capabilities by subscribing to the course contents. 

This course is suitable for executives and management who are involved in problem solving and decision making processes at the workplace.

  What you’ll learn

The company can benefit leading to much productivity achieved when decisions are made with considerations done in a holistic manner. At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the holistic considerations in the problem solving and decision making process.
  • Apply essential tools in the analysis of alternative solutions.
  • Be aware of stakeholder dynamics which may impact objective decision making.

  Learning Methodology

A combination of short lectures, group discussions and case study.


The TTT (Train-The-Trainer) workshop will cover the following topics:

A. Problem Identification

  • Find the root cause
  • Identify the problem in the greater context of the organisations, industry, national and international arenas

B. Basis for Decision Making

  • Establish the decision criteria
  • Align the Assumptions
  • Understand stakeholders’ expectations

C. Select the Best Solution

  • Identify alternative solutions
  • Analyse for the best solution
  • Comprehend the tradeoffs

D. Get Buy-in

  • Communicate the decision
  • Manage stakeholders

E. Implement the Solution

  • Establish action plan and implement it
  • Mitigate risks

F. Monitor and Evaluate Performance

  • Tools for monitoring the decision
  • Evaluate and identify next steps

  BENEFITS OF CLP – Content Licensing Package 

  • Flexible and easily accessible – Company can schedule training anytime, anywhere and at their own pace (eg. Low peak periods, lunch time etc) based on their employees’ availability and shift hours. Training is held at company’s own premises making it more convenient for the employees. It reduces fatigue as employees need not travel to another location.
  • Modular design training – Company can schedule training in bite size (eg. 2 half-day sessions or 4 2-hour sessions) without taking employees away from their job for the whole day;
  • Unlimited delivery – Company can schedule unlimited training to their employees within the licence period;
  • Return on training investment – training can now be extended to all local and foreign employees at no extra cost compared to WSQ funded courses. CLP is a cost effective way to manage and optimize the training budget as the investment benefits all employees.

 Key Take Aways OF CLP 

  • 1 year content licensing of the licensed course which includes –
    • Presentation Slides;
    • Learner’s Workbook; and
    • Trainer’s Guide.
  • One-day Train-The-Trainer course at client’s premises
  • 6 month post training email support
  • Pre and post workshop coaching for first in-company run

 Training Investment 

First year annual fee : S$4,000 inclusive of all the key takeaways. Printed copies of the Learner’s Workbook are to be purchased separately for each in-company run.

  About the Instructor 

Business Future Consulting (BFC) is a Singapore based, regional focused, learning and consulting firm that specialises in assisting companies to develop internal learning capabilities to facilitate the insourcing process of the Learning & Development process.

BFC believes that learning and development is a strategic process and there are always a desired outcome or business impact to achieve. We provide an approach that would translate the measurement of training impact.

We support companies to conduct training needs analysis, develop learning roadmaps, talent management plan, leadership progression framework, establish succession planning framework and provide executive coaching.

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