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Depending on your interest, your strengths, and your industry, you can develop your own “how to be my own boss” innovation statements, brainstorm thousands of ideas within minutes, select your best ideas for implementation. With the ability to generate great ideas, you can spawned off more business ideas or solve your business problems effortlessly.

SkillsFuture Qualified Code : CRS-Q-0026271-BM  

  About the course

In this fun and highly interactive workshop, you will learn the powerful innovation tools, techniques and templates to generate 1000 ideas within 30 minutes!

For Individuals who are starting up a new business, this is a good course to generate your new business products and services ideas.

  Who should attend

This is an innovation workshop designed to equip participants with the essential tools, templates and techniques to TURN IDEAS INTO GOLD. It is suitable for managers and professionals who seeks better and faster ways of generating innovation ideas, resolving problems and/or optimizing opportunities.

  What you’ll learn

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between productivity, creativity and innovation
  • Convert ideas killers into ideas growers
  • Understand the various phases in the innovation journey
  • Utilize the various ideas generation tools, techniques and templates to generate 1000 ideas in 30 minutes
  • Systematically select the best of the best ideas out of the 1000 generated
  • Present your ideas to your stakeholders and convince them to support / fund you

  What you’ll receive 

  • 1 x WSQ Statement of Attainments
  • 1 copy of “Turning Ideas into Gold” book worth $60 at Kinokuniya
  • 1 copy of Participants’ manual
  • Prizes for the winning team

  Accessment & Certificate 

WDA WSQ Framework: Business Management

This workshop is aligned to WSQ Competency Standards: BM-IM-401E-1: Manage innovation in the business function.

  Learning Methodology

This dynamic highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, problem brain-storming, discussions and games. Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life ideas / problems to the class for discussions and ideas generation.


  • Introduction to productivity, creativity and innovation
  • My organisation and I
  • Exploring opportunities
  • Formulation of innovation statements
  • Ideas generation techniques
    • Brainwriting, SCAMPER, Related Words
    • Ideas selection technique
      • Perspective-Criteria Matrix
  • Incubation technique – P.E.N.S.
  • Presentation of ideas
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation of your innovation project

  About Instructor 

Everest Innovation was first conceived in 1997 in the midst of the worst economic recession in South East Asia. During this period of gloom and doom, when currencies tumbled and businesses collapsed, the founder and his regional support team asked if they could find smarter and better ways of running a business which, not only overcome the crisis, but in fact capitalizes on it.

Equipped with a captivating vision, the founder led his team in an all-out effort to reinvent and revitalize HP Product Support Centers across South East Asia. The team emerged as heroes, achieving 150% to 200% sales quota in ALL product lines (in US dollars, despite collapsing local currencies) with


stellar profit margins, and thereby winning both Industry-wide Customer Satisfaction awards and Reseller Satisfaction awards.

This spectacular achievement had also won the team the Best Support Center in the World citation from a Worldwide HP Vice President. (see book: “Turning Ideas into Gold” Chapters 1 and 12 for details of this dramatic real life story)

Since the incorporation of Everest Innovation was in 2001, the team of consultants have already trained and coached more than a hundred thousand professionals in 25 cities across 15 countries throughout Asia Pacific. The main countries are Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and India.

Why Everest Innovation?

Our Consultants have outstanding track records in :

  • helping our customers grow $millions and save $millionsthrough our Innovation Workshops and Coaching Sessions
  • helping our customers create value and sell their products at a premium instead of through mere price war through our Value Creation and Sales workshops
  • helping our customers achieve Customer Service Excellence and are instrumental in working with Hewlett Packard to win 8 consecutive years of Computer World Annual Awards in Best Customer Satisfaction.  This is an annual award which survey thousands of Computer World Magazine readers on which IT vendors (e.g. IBM, HP, Sun, Compaq) offers the best customer satisfaction rating. Consistently, HP Customer Services emerged as Champion.

Our Founder and Managing Director (together with our consultants) had personally led the team which transform customer service (Customer Care Center) into an award-winning team, serving 100,000 customer calls per month. During his leadership, the center served as a showcase, visited by Perm Secretaries, senior Government Ministry officials, a dozen journalists and several hundred customer service managers from the industries. It was featured in more than a dozen press articles (Straits Times, Business Times, Computer-World, ACW, PC World, etc.).

The center also won PC World Magazine World Class Award in 1997 and Channels Asia Customer Satisfaction Awards for 5 years running.

Each of our consultants has between 15 to 20 years of experience, holding senior management regional positions in multi-national companies

Many of us are award-winning toastmasters in international contests and professional speakers in international arena


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