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Leadership Development Program Essentials

Leadership Development Programs

Successful companies recognise that leadership development is essential at all stages of the leadership pipeline. From first time manager to senior executive it is essential to develop leadership skills and attitudes in line with the company’s values and culture.

In the past, some researchers have argued that the actual influence of leaders on organizational outcomes is overrated and romanticized as a result of biased attributions about leaders (Meindl & Ehrlich, 1987). Despite these assertions, however, it is largely recognized and accepted by practitioners and researchers that leadership is important, and research supports the notion that leaders do contribute to key organizational outcomes (Day & Lord, 1988; Kaiser, Hogan, & Craig, 2008). To facilitate successful performance it is important to understand and accurately measure leadership performance.

The programme can be studied on-campus, either full-time, or part-time. Alternatively, the distance learning format allows you to (continue to) work full-time anywhere in the world. MSc students take all the courses below. Diploma students take all the courses except the project. Students may also take individual courses on a continuing professional development basis, leading to a letter of confirmation.{}

For over 60 years, global business leaders have come to the Stanford Executive Program to learn from over 30 world-class GSB faculty, Silicon Valley business leaders, Stanford professors, and each other. Sharing ideas and experiences with such a diverse and dynamic group of colleagues develops connections that last a lifetime. The unique environment and amazing weather at Stanford will also energize your health with full access to Stanford athletic facilities, exercise classes every morning, yoga and meditation in the evenings, award-winning food, and enriching extracurricular activities.

Travel Counselors are the largest population within CWT, and they play a key role in our overall performance. The Traveler Services Core Curriculum is our global training initiative, covering all Traveler Services {leadership courses|leadership programme|leadership skills training|leadership development courses|best leadership courses|Singapore leadership courses|leadership program singapore|corporate training|corporate program} employees worldwide. It consists of over 50 courses, rolled out in quarterly waves. It gives employees a common foundation, no matter where they are, what line of business or service configuration they work in.

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