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Irina Miu



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Irina Miu has a PhD in “Creating and Developing an Organization through Coaching”. She is an Associate Certified Coach certified by the International Coach Association and a senior trainer. Irina has a background in supply chain management, human resources and business administration. Irina has been active in the training and coaching area for over 10 years contributing to the development of over 4500 people from Europe, Australia and Asia.


She has developed the Four Nested Levels of Responsibility Model for setting objectives, published several articles on coaching and is the co-author for a book on project management. In her training and coaching practice Irina uses a challenging and thought-provoking approach working with examples in order to underline the practical side of the content while using the displayed behaviours to build on different directions and invite a deeper exploration of the subject matter. She enjoys working with individuals and teams to bring them to the next level of performance. Irina in her style is very results orientated and believes in long term partnerships with her clients.

In developing customized programs she integrates a systemic perspective as well as innovative tools in order to achieve different outcomes.