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Why Innovation!


why innovation! is the new name of inspearit Singapore. Our roots go back to 2008 when we started providing process improvement and software engineering consulting services under the banner of DNV IT Global Services. As a result of a management buyout in 2011, ITGS became inspearit. In July 2014, Yann Hamon; Executive VP of inspearit Asia and Managing Director of inspearit Singapore has taken the control of the company in Singapore with the support of private investors.

why innovation!’s purpose is to help clients winning the innovation battle. To do so, we propose to work on two main fronts:

1. Transforming the organization towards a culture of agility and innovation.

2. Supporting the development of new digital solutions for new products and services.

Our ambition is to become a recognized innovation enabler by major players in finance, transport; logistics and eventually retail. We will develop this offer by leveraging our expertise in Organisation Change Management in general and Agile transformation in particular. Two new services are introduced: innovation management and support to developing new products. To ensure the access to the proper competence mix, we will connect our clients to a network of partners who bring the innovative technologies; expertise and tools required.

The team of inspearit Singapore stays united and is very excited by the adventures ahead and the new ambitions and position. All our clients have confirmed their support and loyalty to the new structure. Our investors have proven their trust in the team and the development plan we proposed. So it’s all green lights and we look forward to the challenges ahead with confidence and optimism.